About Mission 52

What Is Mission 52? It’s a chance to serve your community in a deliberate and sustained way while supporting the ongoing work of the Center for FaithJustice.  The goal of Mission 52 is to provide a coordinated effort where everyday people can commit themselves to serving those in need while supporting CFJ with grassroots fundraising.

Here’s how it works: Over the course of 52 weeks, a participant makes a deliberate commitment to volunteer at least 52 hours – an average of 1 hour per week – in service to those in need.  In addition to their volunteer service, each participant is asked to collect donations from friends, family and colleagues that will be used to support the work at CFJ.  These contributions are tax deductible and will help CFJ to continue to provide and sponsor service opportunities for individuals and groups throughout the year.

Who are Mission 52 Volunteers? They’re young adults, retirees, professionals, families; they’re people in different cities; they’re people who have decided to serve those in need, participate in their communities, and help ensure that the Center for FaithJustice is able to live out its mission to “provide transformative experiences of faith in action, build community, serve those in need, educate for justice, and empower people to change the world.”

What do Mission 52 Volunteers do? Participants give 52 hours of service over the course of a self-defined year (52 weeks) and help CFJ raise funds for future projects by asking others to sponsor their commitment to service.  In this way, Mission 52 Volunteers “support service by serving.”

How do I start?  Easy!  Just fill out the Mission 52 Volunteer Agreement and send it to John Bradley.  John will then give you access to the “Current Volunteers” page and help you set up your fundraising page, provide you with volunteering ideas, talk with you about how to raise funds, connect you to other volunteers if you want some ideas or someone to volunteer alongside and provide any other support you need.  We’re dedicated to helping you have a rewarding and successful experience.

Download the Mission 52 Volunteer Agreement, then email it to John at jbradley@faithjustice.org or mail it to him at the Center for FaithJustice, 24 Rossa Ave., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

Questions?  Call or email John.  (609) 498-6216 x 7.

We hope you will join Mission 52!

Want to check out other Mission 52 Volunteer fundraising pages? Click here for their links!

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